CPLD Development Board

This past school year, I finally started getting into the interesting core classes of my Embedded Systems degree, some of which involved CPLD development.  In the first course in this sequence, a board was provided for us to use, but in the second class, we actually built the boards ourselves on perfboard, using wire-wrapping to connect the components.  Here is my completed board (the wiring photo may not have been *quite* complete when I took the photo, I can't tell at a glance, but it was definitely mostly complete):


Anyway, as we were building this board, I decided to put my PCB design experience to good use and design myself a PCB version of the same board.  Doing so kind of put me behind in the class... but it was definitely worth it.  I ended up having to do a second board revision, because my first revision had a few bugs, including one set of traffic light LEDs not being connected to anything!  Woops...  Anyway, here's the PCB version of the same board.

So, as far as details go, this board is built around the Altera EPM7064S CPLD in a PLCC-44 package.  It has an on-board JTAG programming header for the Altera ByteBlaster or USB Blaster programmers, as well as a DC power jack with a 5V/1A power regulator (something our in-class version didn't include, since we just used bench power supplies).  It includes 16 DIP switches, 8 of which are on a shared bus with some of the other components, while the other 8 have their own dedicated I/O pins.  There is also a 3-digit 7-segment LED display, a 10-segment bar LED, and a 6-way traffic light LED display.  There is also a 10-pin 0.1" pin header which was used to interface with a hex keypad.  I have some spare boards, if anybody is interested in purchasing one.  Just shoot me an email.  I have also provided the design files attached to this post.