SNES Expansion Port Connector

The Super Nintendo had an expansion port on the bottom, which, while created with grand intentions, was only ever used commercially for the BS-X Satellaview (Japan only), and the Exertainment Bike.  However, just because it was never used doesn't mean it is useless.  BSNES author byuu has been wanting to play around with the expansion connector for a few years now, but has been unable to do so because the physical connector is not available, and it is a non-standard size and shape, so it is not easy to replicate.  I managed to find a connector that could be modified to interface with the expansion port, and have been working on an adapter to convert the expansion port to a standard IDC pin header (the connector is too short to attach directly to a hardware device PCB), so any devices that may come as a result of this can just include a 0.1" female IDC header, and for prototyping, you can attach a plain-ole IDE ribbon cable.  I'm in the process of ordering a full production run of 50 adapters, but here's some pictures of the current prototypes that I just finished

This first production run is all going to byuu, so I have a feeling that he'll be designing a device to go with it (probably his Teensy++ based debugger/cart dumper), so if you're interested, check out to see if he has anything.  Otherwise, if I come up with a use for this thing, I may release a device of my own, and may sell the adapters myself.  Right now, this is an incredibly niche connector, and since byuu is paying me for a large number of them, buy them from him if and when he has them available.  Eventually, I may post a build log, BOM, and gerber files for those wanting to build one for themselves, but for now I'm still working on my first order so I'm not ready to do that just yet.